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O-Ring Rubber

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The use of rubber o-rings is found today in virtually every industry. From construction machineries to scientific equipment and devices, to food and pharmaceuticals and more, the mechanism of sealing is made possible by the use of the rubber o-rings.
Rubber o-rings are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, automotive manufacturing, the semi-conductor manufacturing industries, food and drugs, medical industries and more.

The manner of installation of the o-ring within the mechanical mounting partly determines its design and selection. Under compression, a measured amount of pressure is placed on the o-ring as it seats against the surface of contact within the mounting. As long as the fluid that is contained does not exert a stress that is greater than the stress at the position of contact of the o-ring, fluid leakage will be prevented.

Rubber o-rings are made of materials that are extremely incompressible, and serves as an excellent pressure transfer medium for the fluid contained. Any rise in pressure from the fluid contained is subsequently transferred, resulting in an increase in pressure at the contact point of the o-ring. This action allows the o-ring to maintain sealing integrity at elevated pressures.

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